4 Reasons Church Volunteers are the BEST

You give.  You give time, talent, treasure.  You add your mind, money and muscle to God's kingdom.  Why?  Stewardship is a way of giving and giving thanks for all we are trusted to care for while part of this earth.  The Creator Stewardship Team read this article in our meeting and wish now to share these thoughts of grace and thanks with you!

Here's a fascinating look from Building Church Leaders --- encourage someone else to join you --- to join us!  http://www.buildingchurchleaders.com/articles/2014/4-reasons-volunteers-stay.html

"...four key factors that drive church volunteers to unmatched commitment levels.

1. Working together
Partner people and their commitment levels climb. It's easy to walk away from a task; it's hard to turn your back on another person. Accountability is a good thing when it occurs within a relationship. Pair a mentor with a prayer partner and together they will accomplish plenty—and together they will stick around. Keep in mind, Jesus sent his team out in pairs.

2. A well-organized program
Most often, volunteers want to join a deliberate, defined, and structured effort. Why? So they feel confident that they're not wasting their time. Consider these ingredients to create such assurance: clearly defined roles, strong equipping/training, consistent on-going communications, and full/easy-to-access support when challenges arise.

3. Encouragement and appreciation
Volunteers need to know someone notices their effort in real time, not simply at the year-end celebration. A few times throughout the year, they also need a vision refresher that reminds them of the big picture—and clearly articulates how much they're valued in making that big picture happen. "You make this possible" is volunteer-speak for "You are loved and appreciated." Get this one right and the need to recruit diminishes. Can I get an amen?

4. Kingdom perspective
Ensure that a volunteer sees that life change is taking place because of his or her invested time and effort, and that person will passionately continue serving. Key to success: it has to be real. A tremendously wealthy man stood up at a holiday family gathering and, choking back tears, shared that his young mentee scored an A on a recent spelling test. "His success might be the greatest thing I was part of this year," he said. Every year, stories emerge from mentors across the country who hear "I love you" from a little boy or little girl who they meet with every week for just an hour. When that happens, more than one life has changed."