Clarifying "Financial Stewardship" through our Intern's Eyes

"Open pocketbooks and generosity happen through changed lives and hearts conditioned for discipleship—not from cleverly produced annual programming. Forget the appeal to duty and tradition or guilt as prime motivators for church giving and volunteerism.*"  The Creator Lutheran Stewardship Team agrees!  Forget guilt, forget duty!  Look to Grace!  Thanks be to God!

Many thanks to Keith Marshall, Creator's Intern Pastor for his story shared this week as we prepare for the Ministry Fair on Sunday June 15 at Creator Lutheran Church. 

My understanding of financial stewardship was fundamentally changed during a Capital Campaign at my previous congregation. One of the components to this campaign was for members to share their stories of stewardship. It was through hearing these narratives I came to see that giving does not start from a place of obligation, but rather as a response to God’s grace and abundance. As a response to and reflection of who God is in Jesus Christ, stewardship can become an area in our lives to model what it means to live as the image God.

-- Keith Marshall, Interim Pastor

Can you share a story?  Email or share it in the comments section here!  And stop by the Stewardship Table at 9:30 a.m. Sunday June 15 to meet some folks who meet and pray, discuss and discern regularly how and when we can be good stewards and share the joy of giving through our congregation!

*Pastor Sharron Blezard in the enewsletter from Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary 6/10/2014