"Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart is Just What Our Family Does!"

Not everyone comes to understanding stewardship in the same way... over the next few days, weeks, months, we're encouraging conversation -- "How did you come to understand stewardship?" and "What do you know about stewardship now that is different than earlier in your life's journey?"

See this response from Creator's Interim Pastor, Elaine Swigart:

As small ccross and hands.jpghildren, my sisters and I  were always given an allowance.  I remember a quarter as my first allowance.  Of that, five cents went into the piggy bank and five cents went to the church.  We had little golden envelopes.  I remember printing my name on it in large block letters, so I must have been very small when we started this practice. Twenty five cents went pretty far in the early fifties, but taking away five cents off the top, that would be 20 percent, never phased me.  It was what one did. I could still buy gum, candy, or a bottle of coke (each was five cents!) and save up some for a bigger toy.

Gratitude to God was a part of our everyday way of thinking.

That start to my giving career, what my parents had inculcated in me,  stayed with me until my teen years.  When I got my first job at 15 ½  and had total control of all my money, I was not so generous.  By my mid-twenties I had fallen into the habit of giving to God sporadically and stingingly.  My saving habits were not much better. 

When I was in my mid –thirties and trying to teach my own young children about tithing and saving, I came to a real stumbling block; I couldn’t teach what I was unwilling to do.  My husband and I starting giving regularly again and eventually came to tithing.  Our children now are very giving and are also passing on the family value of giving and saving to our grandchildren.

Giving thanks with a grateful heart is just what our family does.


What is your story?  Share it in the comments or send it to monicahurley@comcast.net.  The Stewardship team is collecting our church family's various paths to the joy of giving, sharing, and being part of God's great big world together!  We are grateful for you and your journey -- wherever it is now, and wherever you've been -- you are part of the family!  We give thanks to God for each perspective and for God's good work in and through us all!