Indescribable Beauty

by Monica Hurley, Stewardship Team Liason/Chair

What pain has entered your life?  How is beauty associated with pain?  Presiding Bishop Eaton makes a case in her Easter article found here:

how beautifl.png

I don't think I can ever be thankful for the pain, but I am in awe of the cross evident through the pain.  In our family's life (which our Creator family walked through with us) we have suffered loss and truly Creator members were the hands of Christ sitting with us, praying for us and walking through the shadow of the valley of death more than once.  Through a terrible time for us three years ago, beauty is now evident.  We sat with our daughter in a terribly painful time and the shadows of death of the things we had known loomed over all of us.  The loss, now behind us, is open wide with the way Olivia now played her flute for both services on Sunday March 31.  If I'd been told while we were in such dark days that she'd be able to do that, I'd never have believed it.  Pain through suffering, brings light to the cross.  Jesus was with us then, Jesus is with us now.  Jesus is evident in the darkest of places -- as Bishop Eaton says, "In the midst of our suffering, because of our suffering, because of the suffering we cause, is the cross of Christ." 

Stewardship of each member of our community at Creator means caring for each other and caring for all in God's creation.  Olivia's gift was playing her flute  -  a token of gratitude for all that was given to us and continues to be poured out in love.  Thanks be to God for each of our members, and all whom we collectively serve by doing God's work with our hands.