Just ONE little piece of gum!?

What is it that God asks of us?  Is Christ inviting us to steward a deeper relationship with God one where we are listening and attentive to caring and nurturing all that we have been given?

Here's a stewardship story from Tom and Erin Barr -- great metaphor from the backseat of the car and a pack of gum.  Check it out:gum.jpeg

Stewardship has always been a part of our life together.  Growing up in a Christian home, it was just part of how things were done, not just financially, but also with time, abilities and spirit as well.  We have been blessed in all of these areas with abundance and feel it only natural to be able to share that with others around us, especially our church home at Creator. 

One of the lasting impressions we have regarding stewardship was really cemented in our lives occurred when we first moved to the Puget Sound area.  Attending graduate school and suddenly discovering our first child was on the way made us take a hard look at how we contributed to the church we were attending at the time.  Our finances were a big concern, with only one income at the time and maternity leave going to take a chunk out of that as well.  But it seemed that as long as we were contributing regularly with our time, abilities and some finances (even though it was not a great deal), we always seemed to have enough and just a bit more.  When we would not be actively involved and contributing, it seemed those were the times when we struggled from paycheck to paycheck.  God showed us that by responding in His service, he would always provide what was sufficient for us, especially His grace.  From those days with only a little, we have been blessed to overflowing. 

Once when our children were younger, they were in the car with mom, who gave the older child a pack of gum, and then asked for one piece.  The response was “No! it’s mine!”  Mom’s thought was “I gave you the whole pack, and only asked for one piece in return.”  That’s how God is with us – He gives us everything and only asks for one piece back.  Our time, abilities and finances are how we give that one piece.