Living Christmas all year long…

As we enter the Christmas Season, Epiphany and work our way to Lent, it is important to remember that the poor are always with us, the hungry need to be fed every day, those who suffer need care at all times . As we celebrate, as we move through the Church calendar, we are to be the representatives of Christ each day.

So, Christmas day is no different from any other day – New Year’s Day, today, whatever day we wake to. People die, people divorce, children are born, people go hungry, people lose jobs – life in all its joys and difficulties goes on, on Christmas Day and every day.

May we as the ones called to be Christ to the world keep both the Christmas spirit and the Spirit of Christ living within us. Let us not forget to whom we belong and what we are called to do and be – at Christmas time and all through the church calendar. 
So, make a plan: 

  • To donate to the food bank every week. 
  • To visit the sick and lonely every month. 
  • To encourage the faint-hearted, the weak, the suffering as often as you can. 
  • To pray for peace every day. 
  • To allow Christ full reign in your life, your heart and your soul every minute. 

May the Peace of Christ dwell in you richly every day this New Year! 
Pastor Elaine