People of Plenty -- Faith in Abundance

What is enough? 

Do you have enough?  Are you given enough?  Are you giving enough?


Jesus tells us that we are enough. We have enough.  We can do enough.  He shares examples of those who have little (the boy with three fish) and what can be done with so little, as well as the man who sells everything because he finds the greatest treasure!  Both have faith and with that faith so much is accomplished.

Stewardship reminds you that your faith, small or large, is enough.  How much faith do you have for God to do work in and through you?  What are you investing in the family of faith at Creator in your time, talent, resources this fall?  We pray we will all feel the call to be confident that God will provide, God does provide, God works in and through us all.  The more we are bonded to each other, the stronger we are to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and a world full of need.

Thanks be to God for you and all God is doing in your life.