Piles of Mail -- To Service to Church and Society



For the October Newsletter:

By Monica Hurley

Piled up in our kitchen is the mail from last week.  I sigh as I sort it thinking about three or four other things while I put bills in one stack, magazines in another, junk mail in a third.  I wonder about what Pastor Elaine talked about: old fashioned letters in her sermon on September 8th.  My grandma used to send those occasionally; whatever happened to those precious tidbits anyway?  Guess I’ve not written one to her lately either.

I look at the bills, nothing surprises me.  Yes, we used water, threw away trash, sucked electricity for the computers and lights.  Magazines head to the coffee table or a basket and one I toss near my purse to flip through as I wait in a doctor’s office or school waiting room. 

Ugh!  On to the inevitable, junk mail.  How DO these people get my name anyway?  Annoyance begins to set in as I methodically rid myself (via shredder) of the pleas for help from some random person or entity who thinks I ought to open their mail.  FORGET IT!  I’ve got enough to worry about.   I’m not even opening it!  If I do open it, I just KNOW I’m going to want to send them some money; they have such sad stories and I am sure many of them are scams; how would I know who to trust anyway?

Sound familiar?  (Read this next part like an announcer on QVC when you were up at 3:00 a.m. that one night with insomnia for one reason or the next, and it was the only thing on!)

This month the stewardship committee says release yourself from guilt or annoyance over those pleas.  With your membership and participation at Creator Lutheran Church, you no longer need to worry!  Church and Society has your offerings put to great use in areas of greatest need, and the best part, they do all the research for you!!  PLUS they recommend great places to give extra funds beyond your regular tithe and offering and they actually go to those places, check them out, work with them… and they invite you to join them too!!  This is such a deal!

Now that I have your attention – well you did read this far, after all – I would like to sincerely draw attention to the ministry that Creator has to our neighbors in need.  There are hungry people around us.  There are people who for various reasons can’t pay their electricity bill and are going to be in the dark.  There are families whose lives we change because we give our offerings and we tithe which means there is always enough for those who need it and there are always those people - - our sisters and brothers in Christ at Creator, who look carefully around and respond on the behalf of all of our Christian family.

Thanks be to God for this month’s featured ministry which provides just one more example that when we give, God’s people thrive and His presence finds its way into the hearts and homes of our neighbors.