Prayers of Thanks for God's Faithful Servants: Creator's Teams in Abundance

Since September the Stewardship Ministry team has been highlighting one of our wonderful ministries each month.  We have highlighted them through articles, presentations and web-space. 

smile.jpgStarting in January, we are praying for the “ministry team of the month” during the prayers of Intercession during worship. 

Please join us as pray for for the people who steward their time and resources to be Creator’s Property Committee.   This month of January we say thanks to God for all the wonderful work they do in the name of Jesus Christ to make our property a welcoming, safe and wonderful place to be.  We are grateful for their expertise, the abundance of volunteer hours they share, and for the hand of God upon them as they serve.

Heads up: February we will seek to tell the stories of our industrious Executive Council.  Check the Stewardship blog posts (scroll down from this one) to see highlights collected since September and let the Spirit move within you to join these teams and be thankful with and to all those who give and serve in His name.  We believe that these are holy examples of God’s work through Our Hands at Creator Lutheran. 

Thanks be to God for all who give in abundance of whatever resources you are entrusted to do God’s work with!