Sharing a Story: Shoes to Fill


A good friend of mine, on his first Sunday in a new call, intentionally stumbled as he stepped into the pulpit; and then he reached down and picked up a pair of shoes, lifted them up and said: "There is a pair of shoes here in this pulpit and they are way too big for me to fill." And then after a pregnant pause, he continued by saying: "But I do have some good news for you. I have shoes. And look, you too have shoes, and together we can walk with Jesus into the future."  ~The Reverend Gerry Rafftery

I copied the above from an article posted in Luther Seminary's "Center for Stewardship Leaders".  As a lover of shoes (don't ask my husband -- it's a sore subject!) this article spoke to me.  The shoes we have to wear are plenty good for what Jesus asks us to do.  Walking along side brothers and sisters at Creator Lutheran is truly a blessing when we all use the shoes we've got to walk along God's Way.

The image shared above reflects God's world.  Our youth are about to embark on another opportunity to serve the world with their hands.  Our offerings support world relief, disaster response, hunger needs local and afar, and in all things, we make a bigger difference the more we work together and the more people who are working toward the same cause. 

Tomorrow when I choose which shoes to put on my feet, I pray that I'll remember the feet that go into them have the power to do God's will.  I pray you too will join in the joyful work to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, no matter which shoes you are wearing!