Summer Time!

God sure blesses us with long summer days and warm weather that invites all kinds of outdoor fun! I just love this time of the year when I get a chance to dig out the sandals from the back of the closet and make plans to head for the beach ...which reminds me, I'll need to pick up some sunscreen! Have you noticed the endless formulas of sunscreen products? There are a ton of different brands, different SPFs, some designated for the face, some for the body (aren't they connected?); some are waterproof and same say that they are "made for babies"!

So how do we decide what's best?

God always shows us what's best! He gave us the Holy Spirit to direct our decisions in life - even when we aren't aware! Not only does God bless us with summer time fun, and helps us with all our decisions, He blesses us with sunscreen products and... the "ultimate Son screen"!

God sent His Son to cover our sins and to protect us from evil. His Son is eternal - long lasting - He never expires.

God's Son walked on water and He is ideal in and for all circumstances. His promises are perfect for children of all ages, for all ages! His grace is indeed all sufficient.

This summer will you thank God for His Son as you layer on the sunscreen? Will you protect a few minutes each day to pray for our pastors, our interns and staff at Creator? When you are looking at your summer calendar, would you and your family consider scheduling time to serve a neighbor in need through Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, or doing some yard work for an unsuspecting stranger? As you go into summer spending, would you consider committing additional dollars to Creator's general fund that strengthens our church, our synod and our local community?

If you get easily overwhelmed like me and just can't decide what to do, ask Him with a thankful heart and He will surely guide you! May this summer be full of blessings and protection as you worship and serve our God with JOY!

Glori Walker, Stewardship Chair