Teaching with love

This Wednesday will be the last official time that Keith and I will teach the Confirmation class.  We might drop in now and then;wIMG_1095.JPGe might spend time with the youth in other ways, but this is the end of the formal teaching time. I hope that it has been as much fun for the students as it has been for us.  Teaching with love to the lovely is one of the greatest joys of ministry. I trust as they grow in their own faith and travel their own journeys they will sometime remember that they were loved.  Maybe they will also remember some content.  But, most of what we taught can be found in books, blogs, on-line or from some other teacher.  What we shared can never be replicated.  So, thanks young people for the privilege of walking with you on this small portion of your journey.  Thanks for being so easy to joke with, play with, learn with and mostly thanks for being so easy to love.