The Church is Not Starbucks...

The church functions and shares similar characteristics with many civic organizations. The church is a place for people to gather and to belong. The church is also a place where and through we serve the needs of others. It is also a place where we contribute time, talents, and trson bucks.jpgeasures for a purpose larger than ourselves. However, if our perception and understanding of the church ends there, we miss that which is central to being the church. For the church is not a country club or Starbucks, a social concerns organization, or a political cause which needs our support.   

The presiding Bishop of the ELCA, Elizabeth Eaton, when writing about what makes the church distinct for all other organizations wrote this in the January 2014 edition of “The Lutheran” magazine:

“At the center of our life together is worship and at the center of our worship is the crucified and risen Christ. When we gather for worship we turn our gaze away from ourselves to the source of our life and hope and salvation. When we gather for worship we are encountered by the living God in Scripture, proclamation of the gospel and the sacraments. God meets us and transforms us. We taste, touch and see the love of God in Christ. Sinners are forgiven.” 

Likewise, worship is at the center of all we do here at Creator Lutheran. It is in that gathering together where we are sent out to serve others and to live God's mission in the world. 

With worship being at the heart of our faith community, it requires many resources. Thank you for contributing and making worship a meaningful and transformative experience. You do this by serving communion, greeting people at the door, ushering, and all the other tasks necessary to make worship possible. You also contribute weekly through your offerings to maintain this beautiful facility and keep it functioning. You also provide for the Pastors, musicians, and all the other staff positions who support worship. 

Thank you for your faithfulness in giving of your time, talents, and treasure. Through this faithfulness God is gloried, praised, and worshipped at Creator Lutheran!


Keith Marshall

Intern Pastor