Virtual Sunday School


Hi Sunday School families,
We hope you all had a great week!! Below are some links for Sunday School this week:

Here is the link to the Sermons 4 Kids lesson, at the bottom of the page there are also coloring sheets, activities, and the worship bulletin we usually print and have out at Church in the prayground:

Here is a craft idea that goes along with the lesson from Sermons for Kids:


Give each child a small of piece of cotton or felt material to cut into a square. Glue ribbon or trim as desired to the edges of the square "comforter" and let children glue a piece of paper in the middle of the cloth with THE HOLY SPIRIT IS OUR COMFORTER, Bible verse, or other words as child desires from today's lesson. Children can then roll the "comforter" up and tie a ribbon around the cloth to hold in place. Remind children of Who our COMFORTER is and to use today's rolled up "comforter" to remind and to encourage each child through out the week!

Have a great week!! We miss you all!