Welcome to Creator Lutheran Survey Central

Welcome to Creator Lutheran Survey Central
If you’ve come to participate in Creator Lutheran’s Missional Asset Survey, you’re in the right place.

Before you start, here are some things you might find useful.

The survey will be open for the entire month of May and we hope to get as many members of the congregation to take it as possible. 

You can only fill out the survey once either on-line or on paper. While you are working on-line, you can go back and change answers, but once you have completed it and exited, the program will not allow you to re-enter and amend your answers. 

If you are more comfortable with paper and pencil surveys and like to think over or review answers, feel free to pick up a paper version in the church lobby or get one by calling the office, (253) 862-7700.

Most questions are multiple choice. The ones with circles will only allow one answer. Those with squares will take multiple answers. Some questions have a choice that comes with a box for you to write in an answer or information of your own. At the end is a Comment box for you to tell us information we may have missed or to let us know about your experience with the survey. 

We do ask for your name, but it is okay if you choose to leave other questions blank. We have been careful to secure the personal information you share. Overall results will be reported without names. Access to your information will be used very selectively to give you a head’s up about issues that you care about. 

If you have questions about the survey or other aspects of Creator’s emerging missional church focus, please contact one of the folks working on the team: Ron Noborikawa, Cindy Totten, Paula Eismann, Judy Richardson, Mike Rutkosky, Monty Euston, or Susan Peterson.

Are you ready to begin?

For Paper Survey: Pick up in the church lobby  or  Call Office: (253) 862-7700

For On-line Survey:    Start Survey

  Start Survey

Thank you
For Sharing your Deep Gladness & 
For Naming the Deep Needs that you see around you.