Preschool News


Dear Parents,

          Goodbye summer, hello fall and welcome to the Creator Preschool Family.  We have been blessed with delightful children and great families!  It doesn’t get much better than that!   

          September was a wonderful month for making new friends and getting reacquainted with old ones.  Welcome new families! 

For the last few years, we have had Julie Buelle of Buelle Photography come to school to take class and individual pictures.  Mark October 10th and 11th on your calendar and look for more information to come.

Our October field trip will be to Maris Farms on Thursday, October 24th and Friday, October 25th.  This field trip will be during regular class time.  We will plan to meet at Maris Farms by 8:45am for the morning classes and by 12:15pm for the afternoon classes.  Please be on time. Mornings, especially, can be chilly so please dress your child appropriately and farms can be muddy.  Creator Preschool will pay for our enrolled children.  Children under age two are free.  Two and older are $9 (includes a small pumpkin) and adults are $6. 

If you are getting tired of looking for yellow clothes, circles, the number 1, or the letter A and M, don’t worry.  During October we will change to orange and black, the letters Pp, Oo, and Nn, the number 2 (and 3 for the four/five year olds) and spheres and cylinders.  We will also learn about nocturnal animals, harvest time and farms.  Making friends and pumpkins are also a focus this month.

Halloween is a difficult holiday for a Christian preschool.  Of course, we do not believe in the scary, negative (witches, devils, monsters) symbols, but the children love “dressing up”.  A good compromise is to bring the costume for show and tell.  We will allow extra time to appreciate them.  Most children have difficulty staying in costume the whole day anyway.  We use this opportunity to discuss how Jesus loves all of us, no matter how we look on the outside and changing our appearance does not make us any different inside.  God sees the goodness inside us, regardless of the outside.

We feel very blessed to be working with such wonderful children and involved parents.  We are so glad you have chosen us and we look forward to a wonderful year.

 We have openings in several of our classes.  Please pass this on to family and friends.  You are our best advertisement!

*And lastly:  We would love to have one parent from each of our classes help put together a slide show for their class for the end of the year.  Please consider this and let us know as soon as possible.  We will supply the pictures.


Your teachers,

Andrea (Mrs. D), Cheri (Ms. Farrar), and Ragan (Mrs. Allen)


Halloween Carnival


Do you need a dry, safe, and fun place to show off your Halloween costume?  Come to this FREE event for kids of all ages. 

There will be games, prizes, candy, cookies, Halloween Movies, popcorn and loads of FUN!

Family Sunday School


Please join us for FAMILY SUNDAY SCHOOL!  This new approach to learning and exploring God’s Kingdom comes from a desire to

·       Equip families to carry out Christian practices at home

·       Combine Christian Education with Mission and Service

·       Incorporate Faith formation into the Worship Service

·       Facilitate multigenerational discussion and wonderment about Bible Stories and God’s message for us today.

For these reasons, we would like to invite ALL to join us in Creator Family Sunday School.  All ages are welcome!  Parents, Grandparents, and siblings will eat breakfast together, hear a Bible Story, wonder and discuss the story, and learn some new music—all together!  Service projects will also be a big part of our time together. 

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