Mission: To manage the church facilities for the benefit of the congregation

Team Leaders: Mark Freisthler

Security at Creator

Sadly, someone entered the church during second service November  11 and stole Keith’s computer, cell phone, and keys from the Intern Office. Pierce County Sheriff’s Office has filed a burglary report.   Because the key ring included keys for the church, the exterior door locks were changed.  Keith’s home and vehicle locks were changed as well.

This comes on the heels of two car prowls during worship in the last month.  Members have been checking the parking lot during worship but we clearly need to step up our activity so here is the plan:

Kitchen Upgrades

CAM00210-2.jpgThe kitchen upgrades have been complete.  The upgrades include new stoves, refrigerators, sinks, counter tops and dishwashers.  We ever added a fresh coat of paint.  The dishwasher is of commercial grade, so please carefully read the instructions before using it.  Just keep in mind that this dishwasher does not scrub the dishes or has a grinder to handle garbage, so the dishes need to scrapped before putting them in the washers.

Just a reminder, this upgrade did not change the basic layup or function of the kitchen.  The kitchen is still just for serving the church and does not meet legal codes for serving the public.


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