Worship at Creator is Bible focused in our words, music and teaching. Communion is available each week to remind all of God’s promises and nurture believers. Worship includes all ages with specific portions of worship directed at children for their faith growth. Worship is modern, yet maintains the Lutheran essence of theology and heritage.

There are lots of opportunity for serving the Lord through music, ushering, Altar Guild and more.

Team Leader: Dean Ramberg

Ash Wednesday: Why The Ashes?


Ash Wednesday is the name given to the first day of the season of Lent, which is a 40 day period of preparation prior to Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Like many Christian traditions, Ash Wednesday has its origins in Old Testament times and in the formation of the early Christian church.

Ashes were used in ancient times to express grief. When Tamar was raped by her half-brother, "she sprinkled ashes on her head, tore her robe, and with her face buried in her hands went away crying...Read more

Summer Worship Schedule


Creator Lutheran offers one Sunday worship service at 9:30am during the Summer (Father's Day through Labor Day), with themed services and special music.

Easter Tulips


Easter Sunday Tulip Tribute Dedicate lovely tulips in honor or memory of your loved one or a special occasion to adorn the sanctuary on Easter Sunday. Look for the envelopes in the Narthex. Make sure to write on the front of the envelope who or what you are acknowledging and your name. Put envelopes in the offering plate. Make checks to Creator Lutheran with a memo to Easter tulips. $7.00 each

Flower Chart

flowerchart.jpg3/10/15 UPDATE - There are only two dates that have not been reserved - May 31 and October 11. If you are interested in reserving one of these date. leave a comment below, contact the office or write it on the flower chart.

The Flower Chart for 2015 is on the bulletin board in the hallway. Please sign up for special dates that you would like remembered. Donation is $30 and you may take the flowers home with you after the last service on that day.

Welcome to the New Music Ministry Staff

Creator is thrilled to welcome Danielle Lemieux as our new Director of Music Ministry. Prior to joining us here Danielle comes from 12 years as Director of Music Ministries & Youth at St. Marks Lutheran in Tacoma. She has extensive experience in directing choirs, and is accomplished in voice, piano and French horn.

We also welcome Daniel Schreiner as accompanist for the Music Ministry. Daniel is a music teacher in the Tacoma School District. He also has had extensive experience directing and accompanying numerous church and community choirs and musical theater groups. Daniel was confirmed here at Creator and has been a part of the music program while in high school.

We’re excited for the future with these 2 talented leaders now joining us! 

This means that once again Connie Ross gets to retire! We will truly miss her faithfulness to Creator’s Music program and her willingness to step up without reservation whenever she has been called upon . Many blessings and thanks to Connie for her many years of service to Creator Lutheran! 

Healing and Hope

hope.jpgThe twinkling lights and merry songs of Christmas can in cruel contrast deepen the darkness and gloom felt by many who are struggling with grief, depression or illness. 

Creator Lutheran will be offering a “Service of Healing and Hope” on Tuesday night December 16th from 6-6:40 in the sanctuary.  This is a short service of praying the Psalms, candlelight and music.  There will also be an opportunity to light candles for loved ones, receive prayers for healing and anointing with oil.  If you know of someone who would benefit from this worship service please let them know and we hope you will consider it for yourself as well.  All are welcome. 


POINSETTIAS are available for purchase to honor or in memory of someone or something special for the next few weeks. They will be used to decorate the Sanctuary during Advent and then you may take them home after Christmas Eve services. The price is $8.00. Please fill out the envelope at the Welcome Center and drop it in the offering to sponsor a beautiful Advent tradition.


Creators 95 Theses!

door.jpgDid you see the Wittenburg Door on your way in to Church on Reformation Sunday! Reformation Sunday draws our attention to God’s ongoing work of renewal in the church and in that same spirit we encourage Creator family and friends to offer your input and nail (tape) it to the door. There are several prompting questions to invite your participation. The door will be up for a couple of weeks so we can read and enjoy each other’s responses.


Worship Hours Changing

This Sunday, our Sunday worship hours will return to 8:30 am and 11:00 am. The early service will be a traditional liturgical Lutheran service with more traditional music. The later service will have some traditional music, but will also incorporate contemporary and world music. Communion is served at all Sunday worship services.


Group Calendar