Palm/Passion Narrative

For this Palm Sunday, we went back to the tradition of Palm/Passion Sunday. Rather than a sermon, we heard the entire Passion Narrative. Thanks to Karen Brown, Petra Karr and Sharon Kraus for their participation. 

The Processional Gospel: Matthew 21:1-11 read by Keith Marshall
The First Passion Reading: Matthew 26:14-25 read by Karen Brown
The Second Passion Reading: Matthew 26:26-29 read by Keith Marshall
Children's lesson: Pastor Elaine Swigart
The Third Passion Reading: Matthew 26:30-42 read by Petra Karr
The Third Passion Reading: Matthew 26:43-64 read by Sharon Kraus and Karen Brown
The Third Passion Reading: Matthew 26:65-27:31 read by Petra Karr, Karen Brown and Sharon Kraus



  • Pastor Elaine Swigart and Keith Marshall


Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 11:00am