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       High School students are invited to spend some time during this Lenten season visiting different Worship Spaces.  We are proud of our Lutheran roots, and we like to hear stories from our own faith background.  But we also want to discuss faith with our neighbors and friends, so we have chosen to experience a taste of the Worship practices of people from other faith backgrounds.  This year, we will visit 2 different sites.  This is the schedule: 

Saturday, March 21 at noon--Hindu Festival of Holi at Marymoor Park in Redmond.

This is a Festival of Color.  Bring $5 for color packets and money for lunch.

Meet at Creator at 11am.  We return about 6pm


Sunday, March 22 at 5pm--St. Therese Catholic Parish in Seattle

This is a Catholic Mass with a fun and upbeat Gospel Choir

Meet at Creator at 3:30pm.  We’ll return about 7:30pm

Jesus Wept


Sunday, April 6, 2014 - 11:00am


Lent 2014



Guest Pastor Leapaldt shared with us that we are children of a God who weeps for our sorrow and a God who unbinds us through the resurrection of Christ.

Lesson: Romans 8:6-11
Gospel Lesson: John 11: 1-45



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