Piles of Mail -- To Service to Church and Society



For the October Newsletter:

By Monica Hurley

Piled up in our kitchen is the mail from last week.  I sigh as I sort it thinking about three or four other things while I put bills in one stack, magazines in another, junk mail in a third.  I wonder about what Pastor Elaine talked about: old fashioned letters in her sermon on September 8th.  My grandma used to send those occasionally; whatever happened to those precious tidbits anyway?  Guess I’ve not written one to her lately either.

I look at the bills, nothing surprises me.  Yes, we used water, threw away trash, sucked electricity for the computers and lights.  Magazines head to the coffee table or a basket and one I toss near my purse to flip through as I wait in a doctor’s office or school waiting room. 


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